About Us

Brooke Petter Associates Ltd (BPA) was established as a company in October 2018.  Its formation marked the bringing together of a network of key individuals who had previously worked extensively on national and regional paramedic projects over the previous two decades.   Combining this expertise into one network, founders Jim Petter and Jason Brooke’s motivation was to support employers and the health care system to maximise the potential of paramedics as part of the modernising NHS alongside supporting Paramedics to reach their full operating potential within that system. 

For organisations we offer Paramedic specific services and advice on:

  • Paramedic recruitment and workforce supply
  • Sector-specific education, training and development
  • Healthcare innovation and partnership working
  • Clinical supervision models, tools and resources
  • Networking, wellbeing and peer support
  • Project management and organisational development
  • Models of employment such as portfolio or rotational working
  • Practical guidance on the GP DES Reimbursable Role Schemes to ICS partners including PCNs   


Founders Jim Petter and Jason Brooke have extensive experience of working with organisations both nationally and locally across Emergency, Urgent, Primary and Education sectors.  Experience includes:  ​ 

Jim Petter

  • Patient Safety Expert Advisor (Ambulance Services), NHS Improvement/England
  • Paramedic Clinical Fellow/Paramedic Lead – BSW Training Hub
  • Lead: Paramedics in Primary Care Project (HEE) Phase 1
  • Co-Chair, Project group: Paramedic Specialist in Primary and Urgent Care Core Capabilities Framework (HEE, SfH, 2019) 
  • Author: ‘How to Guide’ for GPs employing paramedics 
  • Former Chair: National Education Network for Ambulance Services (NENAS)
  • Former Head of Education, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust 
  • Former Director of Professional Standards, College of Paramedics 
  • Specialist Paramedic

Jason Brooke

  • HEE Training Hub: Associate Director of Workforce Development 
  • Joint Lead: Paramedics in Primary Care Project (HEE) Phase 1 and 2
  • Joint lead: Clarity paramedic appraisal and e-portfolio project 
  • Former Trustee: College of Paramedics South Western region 
  • Former Associate Head of Dept. (Lead for Paramedic Science, Physician Associate programmes), University of the West of England 
  • Specialist Paramedic